Yale Issue (Fall 2016)


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Town, Gown, and the Great Depression
Yale and New Haven during the Construction of Yale’s Original Residential Colleges
David McCullough III

Precedent, Preference, and Proper Nouns
The Founding and Naming of Yale’s Residential Colleges
Paul Styslinger

Yale and the Oxford Children
A Pioneering Evacuation Program
Katharine Spooner

“Magnificent Cit[ies]”
New Haven, Saadiyat Island, and Yale’s Global Expansion
Nicholas Stewart

588 Superwomen
The Introduction of Coeducation at Yale, 1969-1973
Helen Price

Yale Mad Men
The Role of the Eli in the Curation of American Consumerism
Adam Williams

An Interview with Jay Gitlin
Lecturer of History and Associate Director of the Howard R. Lamar Center for the Study of Frontiers and Borders
Conducted by David Shimer

*Correction for print edition: “Town, Gown, and the Great Depression” misstated Yale’s payroll in 1932 and the amount that Yale students spent in New Haven. They should be $4.3 million and $3.5 million, not $4.3 billion and $3.5 billion.